Can I talk about Dawn Summers for a moment?  Because if anyone in Jossverse doesn’t deserve the hate they get, it’s her.  Her journey is probably one of the best Joss has ever given us.  Her relationships with Willow, Xander, Tara (oh my god her relationship with Tara), Giles, Spike (soadihglkjawerg), and especially, especially Buffy are phenomenal.  The way she grows and changes is so poignant, and it’s like people hate her for going through some of the same issues as the original Scoobies because she goes through them a few years later.  And can I just say that, even if you hate her, she is vital to the show.  Absolutely necessary in Buffy’s life.  She is, in the truest most real way, Buffy’s will to live.  She is Buffy’s family.  And while Xander and Willow and Giles are as well, and she takes care of them each in her own way, and they take care of her, none of them is as poignant and imperative to Buffy’s continued will to fight as Buffy’s relationship with Dawn.  I cannot even with this girl.  And I will stan her forever and defend her against anyone who hates her.  Because she is gorgeous and amazing and strong in her own right, and she brought an amazing array of things to the show.  I legitimately don’t think season six (my favorite season) would have been the same without her.  Dawn Summers is amazing and is very, very obviously related to her sister.  I don’t understand how you could hate Buffy and love Dawn, they’re so similar.  I love her and I will stan her to the end.

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