I will never understand people who don’t get that 10.5 IS STILL THE DOCTOR.

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3 years ago on 1 July 2011 @ 12:07am
# Yay

The magical-ness of my day.

  • Saw my best friend Mari who I haven’t seen in ages.
  • With her, went to see First Class on the big screen.  It was better the second time.  Love love love.
  • Ran into old coworkers/friends at the movie theater.  That was… weird.  Nice I suppose.  Mostly weird.  Or well, it was weird and awkward with one friend.  It was great to see the other though.
  • Ate a delicious Morning Star burger.
  • Discovered that the HP/TSN fic has a sequel.  (sgjklrhESds)
  • And now I’m pausing in my reading to type this.  Can I just say, I don’t think Eduardo would be a Hufflepuff.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Hufflepuff, but I see him as a Ravenclaw.  Because of his deep desire to achieve.  Though he is loyal like a Hufflepuff.  I dunno.  He’s hard to place.
  • ANYWAY.  I’m gonna go finish reading now.
  • This has been a post.


I have this insane desire to never be following > 100 people.

This leads to me going on random unfollowing sprees.

But, unfollowing sprees are hard.  I mean.  First of all, I feel mad guilty every time I unfollow someone.  Because it never feels good to have someone unfollow you.

And also, if I’m trying to decide whether or not to unfollow someone, and I’m on their page, there are all sorts of things that will stop me.

Like if they have a picture of Andrew Garifeld.  Or a quote that Andrew said.  Or a gif of Andrew being adorable.  Or some sort of meme related to Andrew.

Okay yeah really it comes down to I’m incapable of unfollowing anyone who has anything even remotely Garfield related on their first page.

Because damn I’m in love with that boy.

I mean.

This has been a post.


Shuffle/synopsis meme
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Fran Kranz, Nathan Fillion
Song: Ballad of Big Nothing by Elliott Smith
Requested by: tachyonpython

Synopsis (collab with Jordan)
After losing his mother, Allie Kay Rutherford (Mulligan) to cancer six months ago, Benjamin Rutherford (Kranz) discovers an old trunk filled with her journals.  Over the course of the next few months, Benjamin relives her life—how she envied other girls in school, how she struggled to put herself through college, how she met the love of her life, John Rutherford (Fillion), and how she coped with losing him only months after Benjamin was born.  Instead of dealing with his own crumbling marriage, Benjamin allows himself to be engulfed in his mother’s world, and after only a few short days his wife Sarah (Summer Glau) begins to read the journals as well.  In reading about Allie’s chemotherapy, her attempt to hide her pain from her son, and her wait to be taken away by death, Benjamin finds himself being comforted by the wife he thought he’d lost.


It’s been two weeks, I’m officially going off of hiatus on my main blog.  I miss it and it still feels like my ~Tumblr home.  So yeah.  I’ll still post over here occasionally, and I won’t be shocked if I hide over here again at times in the future.  But for now the majority of my posting is moving back ~home.  Feel free to unfollow here/follow there/ignore this message completely.  :D  <3